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5 Software Programs To Use For Tracking Your Company’s Finances

Closely tracking your company’s finances allows you to scrutinize the details and avoid common pitfalls that can lead to the downfall of your business. Since the bulk of your time likely goes to running the day to day operations for your company, you may benefit from the use of finance tracking software to complete this vital step. With supportive finance software on your side, you can quickly and easily track and review your company’s financial operations onsite, at home or on the go. Here are five software programs you may want to utilize for your company.


If you need to regularly issue invoices to your clients, you can automate the process using Wave. This software program also helps you track your income and expenses by connecting to your paid invoices and bank accounts. You can also set up payroll, log your purchase receipts and review your financial records.


With inDinero, completing your own bookkeeping has never been easier. You can generate and send out invoices, pay your own company debts and track your financial habits with this program. After using the system for at least a month, you can create a snapshot of your income and expenses to determine how to better control your finances throughout the year.


To set up recurring invoices, you need FreshBooks on your side. Your clients will receive their invoices with the option to setup autopayments to avoid late fees. If the invoice is not satisfied within the given time frame, your clients will then receive a late payment reminder. You will never have to hunt down missed payments again after utilizing this program.


To closely review and analyze the financial health of your company, tap into the Corelytics Financial Dashboard. You can enter the information in by hand or connect the program to QuickBooks or other top accounting software options. You will receive information about your revenues, expenses and margins to improve your ability to finetune your operations.


If you just have a few employees on the books, you can use Gusto to breeze through the payroll process. At the end of the year, you can even use this software to generate W-2s for your workers and tax documents for your business. In addition to payroll, Gusto allows you to set up health benefits, 401(k) plans, paid time off and worker’s compensation coverage.

Even with these tools on your side, you will need to dedicate ample time to managing your business finances. If you prefer to outsource your financial tasks, and reclaim your time, contact the team at accountRely in St. Louis, MO for service and support.

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