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What can Accountrely's Business Services do for Your Company?

At Accountrely, you can expect exceptional accounting services for your business. But did you know that we also offer business services? From initial startup development and preparation to strategic business planning to determine future direction, our friendly, professional staff are ready to help you make your dream business happen.

New Business Formation

At Accountrely, we've been in your shoes. Starting a business is your dream, but all the planning and paperwork seems to keep getting in the way. Our new business formation services allow you to focus on your dream while we help guide the reality to a successful venture. From our initial contact where we help you identify your goals and prepare a business plan, we can help you determine your marketing, management and financial needs. We will then help you get your paperwork in order, from business licenses and permits to your Federal Employer Identification Number.

We'll also help take care of your new business' financial needs. Determining your start-up capital requirements and finding sources for that capital is an important part of ensuring a successful startup. We'll look at your borrowing power, determine the best business structure and create a cash flow budget. Then we'll help you set up your accounting system and procedures so you can go forward successfully. We'll also provide guidance for tax purposes, help you set up a home office, provide payroll setup, educate you on employment laws and identifying insurance needs.

Business Strategy Planning

What about when your business has already been established but you need some help determining your future direction? Our strategic plan development service helps give you direction when you're expanding your company, purchasing an existing business or turning around a poorly-performing enterprise. We help identify your ideal client profile, research your business' unique selling points and determine your asset needs before developing a plan of action.

The plan we develop for you can include a marketing plan to determine the feasibility of your venture's future revenues, a staffing plan to determine where you need to grow and develop your human resources, a management plan to determine how to get your business where you want it to go and a financial plan to project your costs, revenues, profits and break-even points for the first 3-5 years. We then help you create realistic milestones to reach these goals.

Business planning can be difficult, but with Accountrely, you can focus on doing what you do best - running your business. Of course, beyond our business services, we also offer the same wide range of accounting and financial services for our customers that have made us popular in the first place. Whether you're just starting your business, need help setting up a solid bookkeeping system or require full accounting services for your company, Accountrely is here to help. Please contact us today and discover the family touch that so many of our clients love.

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