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Forget Location: Tomorrow's Business is All About Marketing

In the past, when you opened a business, location was a vital part of the company's success. A good location would help draw in new customers, while a poor location could banish your business to the bleakest possible future. But with the internet and high level of connectivity available today, location is not nearly as strong a requirement to business success in today's world. Instead of being focused on location, being noticed is much more important to many of today's companies. Here's a quick look at the importance of marketing in today's business world.

Today's business market is going through a strong cycle of disruption. Digitization is bringing new businesses into the market while older businesses that are not adapting to the change are losing ground. But what is the difference between companies that are successful and those that are unsuccessful? In many situations, it's the attention paid to the marketing plan.

A marketing plan helps you decide where you should focus your marketing dollars and attention. Years ago, a good location, a yellow pages ad and satisfied customers were all you needed to see some level of success. That type of plan requires very little attention. However, it also yields very few results as well. Your company would see slow but solid growth over the years.

Today's company needs to get much stronger results from its marketing plan to be successful. Digitization opens the door to a wide range of opportunities: social media, content marketing, mobile and much more. But randomly throwing money at advertising won't help you gain ground. You need focus.A solid marketing plan helps provide that focus. It tells you who your ideal client is. It tells you how to reach them. It also helps you decide whether to take advantage of a new marketing opportunity when it arises.

By placing a strong focus on having a good marketing plan, your business can reach a high degree of success no matter your location. When you spend time in marketing and business planning, you're investing in your company's future. But what if you're not sure how to create a solid marketing plan? At AccountRely, we've helped countless companies with their business planning and strategy. If we can be of service to your company, please feel free to contact us today with any questions or for further information.

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