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Having a hard time finding accounting talent? Here's why.

You place ads on LinkedIn, Indeed and Career Builder. You talk to temp agencies and recruiting offices. But you still can't find the right accounting professional for the job. Though it may seem like you're the only business who can't find the right accounting staff, you're not alone. Here's a quick look at the accounting talent shortage and how you can fill the gap in the meantime.

The 2018 Robert Half Salary Guide for Accounting and Finance Professionals noticed a shortage of talent in accounting services. At the same time, demand for these accounting professionals has remained very high as the market continues to improve. To retain the professionals they already have, many industry leaders have been changing the benefits they offer, including job flexibility and a better work-life balance. According to Robert Half VP North America Ky Kingsley, that's not changing anytime soon.

“We expect these trends to continue,” Kingsley stated in response to queries about the future outlook of the industry. “There are no economic indicators that technical skills in the job market will change any time soon.” If there's no change in the supply and the demand continues, finding new accounting help can be extremely difficult. So how do you keep up with your company's demand for accounting professionals when it's difficult to find the staff you need to get the job done in the first place?

One option to consider is outsourcing your accounting needs. Much of the daily work your company needs to be performed can be achieved using basic data entry staff or a bookkeeper. For your more advanced accounting needs, an outsourced solution allows you to split the cost of the overhead of that particular individual while making it easy to take care of any expenses. Instead of having to worry about payroll taxes, benefits and the time involved in procuring a new employee, you can focus on running your business.

By taking a look at outsourcing your company's accounting needs, you can get ahead of the current accounting talent shortage while still getting the job done. However, there are many other benefits your company can enjoy by taking this outsourcing approach to your accounting needs. If you're ready to get started with the process, please feel free to contact us today to get started.

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