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What are key elements of a business plan and why are they important?

When you're writing a business plan, there are several elements that are important to the overall document. These elements help lay out the most important parts of your business, helping you find direction, secure financing and be successful in your enterprise.

Here's a quick look at some of the most important elements of a business plan and the reasons why they're so important.

Executive Summary

This is an overview of what your business is and where it will go. It should peak the interest of the reader, making them want to continue reading and take an interest in helping your company succeed.

Company Description

This describes what your company is, how you'll operate and your overall goals. It tells readers about your business' growth, operations and projections are, as well as the problems it solves for customers.

Products and Services Description

This goes into depth on your products and/or services. It focuses on the benefits to the customers, which will help convince the reader that your company is a good risk.

Market Analysis

The market analysis covers your target customers, their demographics and market size, the industry's outlook, projections for past, current and future marketing data, and an in-depth look at your competition.

Sales and Marketing Strategy

This will go into your sales and marketing plans and how they fall into place with your operation. It shows the reader that you have a solid, realistic strategy to successfully gain a portion of your market share.

Organization and Management

This outlines your business' management organization and key leadership. It gives you the opportunity to showcase your talent and how they'll help your company succeed.

Financial Plan and Income Projections

This helps show the expected income for your business and how it will come about. It's often developed with an accountant's assistance to ensure the accuracy of the projections.

Knowing why these elements are important means you can give them the attention they deserve while developing your business plan. But what if you're not sure how to go forward or are concerned you're not getting it right? At AccountRely, our business services professionals have helped countless entrepreneurs plan a businesses and are ready to help you. Please feel free to contact us today to get started.

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