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Second Half of 2018: Where is Your Business Plan?

Whether you're just a little way behind where you expected to be by now or are starting your business partway through the year, it's okay to now know quite where your business plan should line up. But partial year planning doesn't have to be a pain!

Here's a quick look at some tips to help you catch up or get in gear.

  • Start by determining where you fall if you already have a business plan in place. If you're too far behind, you'll need to revise your plans going forward, but if it's not too bad, see if you can schedule some extra time in to catch up quickly over the next month or so. Even taking an extra few hours a week can help.

  • If you are far behind, you'll need to take a look at whether what you're trying to accomplish this year is feasible or not using your current resources. If it is, take the amount of time you have left and divide your plan up by the remaining months, weeks and days to determine an overall plan of action.

  • If you can't get caught up with your current resources, what are your other options available? If you have some extra cash around, you could try outsourcing some of the tasks or hiring in a temp to help you get caught up again. Do you have anyone you could lean on otherwise, such as a family member who could give you a few hours of work a week? Consider all your options.

  • If it looks like it will take more time or resources than you have available for the rest of the year, that's okay. Consider what you can do now until year's end in terms of planning and resources, then plan on catching up the rest of the issues with next year's business plan.

Falling off of your business plan is a pain, but partial year planning isn't that tough when you keep these tips in mind. If you need help sorting out where your business should be or setting up your initial business plan, we can help. Please feel free to contact us today to get connected with one of AccountRely's business professionals to get your company on the right track.

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