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Need to Know: Developing a Training Program for New Employees

When you're working on training new employees, do you already have an employee training program in place or are you still developing training protocols for your company? If you don't have training in place for your new employees, it's difficult to get them all on track and with full understanding of your company's goals, policies and procedures. Here's a look at how to develop an employee training program for your business.

Why set up an employee training program for your company? Though it's easier with smaller firms to simply train as you go, this can lead to significant confusion if specific points are not covered, to the point of opening yourself up to serious liability concerns if something isn't covered if it should be. Developing training for new employees is a vital part of avoiding these issues in your business.

But what does the employee training program need to cover? To start, it should cover your business' major policies and procedures. Is it okay for one employee to count the cash drawer at the end of the day or does there need to be another one present? Can employees make purchases with their discounts for family or only for themselves? What happens when bad weather hits? What about disciplinary issues that must be handled?

These issues need to be addressed, even if it's only in having a new hire sign off on documentation stating that they've read these guidelines. You also need to go over regulatory issues, such as what they're entitled to with your business' industry, guidelines that must be followed at all times and similar areas of concern, such as minimum OSHA safety requirements. This is also a great time to convey information about your company's culture and values, instilling them in avid new employees.

By developing training for your new employees, you can quickly bring new employees on board without compromising your company's values and while delivering a consistent message across the board. If you're not sure how to set up training for new employees, AccountRely's team of experienced business professionals is here to help. Please feel free to reach out today to set up a consultation to get your employee training program happening.

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