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How to Create an Entry or Exit Process for Your Company

When you hire a new employee or have to let one go, do you have a dedicated process in place to make sure that everything is handled properly? If you don't have an entry process or exit process set up for your business, you may be exposing yourself to liability when certain things aren't handled properly. Fortunately, setting up an onboarding process and exit process isn't that difficult, consisting of simply a basic checklist to go through. Here's a quick look how to set up these vital processes for your business.

For either of these processes, you'll want to start by creating a checklist that covers all of the required parts of the process. Whether it's a virtual document that is signed off on as particular benchmarks are met or an actual paper copy that becomes a part of the employee's permanent record, this creates a checklist you can reference at a glance for completion and tasks that still need to be done.

Let's start by taking a look at the onboarding process. Do you already have policies about how many people will need to interview a candidate before they're hired? Make that part of your checklist. Training minimums? Checklist it. Adding accounts and passwords for software, systems or technology? Add it to the checklist. Need to provide access cards for site access? Yes, you add it to your checklist.

What about the exit process? When someone is fired, have they removed their belongings from the premises? Have you given them the required paperwork for unemployment? Have their passwords been changed and accounts closed? Have you documented the reason for their leaving? What about getting back access cards or keys? All these types of items should go onto your checklist for the exit process.

By taking the time to set up a checklist for your business' onboarding process or exit process, it's much easier to smoothly handle these situations, in a way that protects your business' interests. But if you're not quite sure exactly what you need to do to put these procedures into place, the experienced business professionals at AccountRely can help. Please feel free to reach out today to discover what our business consultants have to offer your company.

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