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Data Security: How to Protect and Recover Your Data in an Emergency

With today's connected society, data security is more vital than ever. But how do you protect your company's data and what should you do if you suffer a data loss? Here's a quick look at some great tips to help you keep your data secure and recover from a loss.

  • Keep systems updated. Most updates on software and apps today have to do with security from malware, viruses and ransomware, so it's very important to update as soon as possible when a new update is released. At a minimum, check for new updates on a weekly basis to minimize your risk of exposure.

  • Use encryption. Encryption makes it much more difficult to access your data without the appropriate keys in place. Though it can be broken, it takes a lot more work and expertise, providing you with some level of protection even in a data breech. Many software programs dealing with sensitive already include some level of encryption.

  • Don't forget the network! Firewalls and network security are vital to help keep hackers and malicious software from reaching your devices in the first place. If you're using a public network, consider implementing a virtual private network to protect your data from a man-in-the-middle attack, which can view your encrypted data to a certain extent.

  • Save early, save often. Backups should happen on a daily or, at a minimum, weekly basis. You should also try to have multiple copies of your backups, one on-site, one off-site. Consider cloud backups to an out-of-region server to protect your data in case of a regional disaster or emergency. Keep vital data off-network as much as possible. Proprietary information, trade secrets, confidential information and private customer data should be kept on CDs, USB sticks or secured folders to prevent exposure to hackers.

By having a solid plan for data security and data recovery, you can make sure that your company is operating safely and in a way that will minimize your risk to data loss. But what if you haven't formulated a plan or need additional expertise in creating a comprehensive data security plan for your business? AccountRely can help. Our business professionals can help you create a basic data security plan to implement with your IT reosurces. Please feel free to reach out today to get started.

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