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How to Develop a Physical Security Plan for Your Business

Though it can bring up visions of electronic security systems, security guards and guard dogs, having a physical security plan for your business can be as simple as knowing what to do in particular situations and having tools in place to secure your company's location. But what should you plan for in your situation and how do you implement it into your company's daily operations? Here are some tips to get started.

  • To start, consider what kind of security your business will actually need. Do you have issues in your neighborhood with theft? Vandalism? Violence? You can't effectively address threats to your company unless you can effectively identify them.

  • When planning for security issues, it's important to consider what kind of budget you have available. A high-end security system with alarms, automatic calls to emergency services and cameras everywhere may not be feasible for your business. Work with what you have.

  • What about physical security to prevent items or assets from being removed by employees? Employees would never steal from their company in a perfect world, but our world is far from perfect. Consider locking down cash registers and using safes or limited access for items of value.

  • It's important to put your physical security plan in action on a daily basis. Locking down assets and controlling access should happen all the time, not just when you think it may be an issue.

  • Have you planned for emergencies? Put a solid emergency plan in writing dealing with weather, fire, flooding and active shooter situations, then have regular exercises so everyone knows what's expected and to test plan problems.

  • Are there areas of special concern for your business? Machinery that will be ruined or difficult to clean if the power is cut should have a generator backup. What about other areas of concern?

By having a basic physical security plan in place for your company, you can ensure that you can operate safely and effectively during business hours while keeping your location secure during down times. If you want to start planning for security in your company but don't know where to start, AccountRely can help. Please feel free to reach out today to get connected with one of our professional business consultants.

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