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MO Bill Disallows Boycott of Israel if Working With State Government

If you're considering working with government in Missouri, specifically business with the Missouri state government, have you considered what your international policies may do to that plan? A new bill before the legislature may impact your plans if you're currently or are planning on boycotting doing business with Israel for whatever reason. Here are the details on this new bill and how it may impact your ability to win business with the Missouri state government.

Similar to laws in 24 other states, the proposal also has a great deal in common with a bill introduced to the Missouri legislature last year, when Governor Greitens was still in office. In its simplest form, the bill states that any business that is provided with contract work with the State of Missouri will not be allowed to boycott the country of Israel.

Representative Holly Rehder states, “It counters our economic policies and interests to give taxpayer-funded contracts to companies boycotting Israel.” The bill's supporters state that because taxpayer dollars are funding the business of the State of Missouri, the companies that are being used to carry out this business should have policies that align with those of the taxpayers.

Introduced to show support for both Missouri's and the United State's support for the country of Israel as our allies, there are some questions to the bill's legality. Opponents are claiming that the bill could be considered a violation of the business' first amendment rights, though this claim is on somewhat shaky ground. The American Civil Liberties Union of Missouri said in a statement, “It compels speech based around a political belief and it restricts association based on a viewpoint.” However, the bill doesn't actually restrict association but instead requires it to be allowed, much as the Equal Opportunity Act of 1964 does.

Whether you're supporting or against this bill, it's important that you contact your state legislators and senators to ensure that your voice, and the voice of your business, is heard. If you're not sure how to go about working with government, no matter your position on Israel and the Middle East, AccountRely can help your business with the Missouri state government. Just reach out today to get started.

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