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Have You Checked Out the New Google for Small Business Site?

Having Google included as part of an overall sales and marketing strategy for a business has become more and more important for large and medium businesses to be successful. However, the level of expertise needed has often left this tech giant's services somewhat out of reach for the small business owner. Not anymore. Google for Small Business is a new website that can help you grow your company. Here are some details on how it works.

Small business owners often have to wear multiple hats when it comes to business operations and don't have the opportunity to become digital marketing experts. This was what drove the development of Google for Small Business. It was announced during a break in Grow with Google Learning Center's many workshops and classes by Kim Spalding, Global Produce Director for Small Business Ads for Google.

When you go to the website, you simply enter your business' name and website, then answer a few questions that are targeted at refining your business' description and goals into an on-site wizard. The Google tools will then develop a specific, prioritized list of actions you should take. This may include installing Google Analytics on your website, expanding your company's digital presence or launching an ad campaign on the company's search pages.

Two of the newer Google tools that may make a big difference in your business have just been developed in the past few years and are not as widely known. Google my Business is used to help business owners create their own websites and online profiles, and is also a completely free product through the entire process. Smart Campaign, on the other hand, is a smart advertising tool released last year that is intended to give small business owners a tool for automating their overall ad-buying process.

By using Google for Small Business, you can more easily access and implement Google tools into your business' digital presence. This allows you to compete on a larger stage than ever before. If you need help figuring out how to incorporate the new website and tools as part of your overall marketing and sales plan, the experienced professionals at AccountRely can help. Please feel free to reach out today to get started.

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