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Considering Marketing Automation? 4 Hot Tools to Try

One of the best benefits of living in the age of digitization is the ability to automate portions of your business, allowing you to focus on operations rather than being regularly distracted by other activities. Marketing automation allows you to continue bringing in business without having to constantly be checking your advertising. Here are some hot tools to try to get you started in marketing automation, all of which start with free versions.

  1. MailChimp. When you're getting started with email marketing, MailChimp provides you with easy email campaign management that is intuitive and simple to use. It's a step up from simply sending emails out to your subscriber list, as it allows for automated management of that list for customers to handle their own subscription and unsubscription processes.

  2. Buffer. Getting ready to make a big push for social media marketing but don't want to have to keep taking time away from your daily tasks to post? Buffer allows you to build a queue of 10 posts for future scheduled publication in up to three accounts for their free plan That means you can sit down one day a week to write and schedule posts, then forget about it except for checking for customer comments.

  3. HubSpot. Hubspot is where all of your marketing efforts come together to determine what kind of results you're getting out of your efforts. With a range of analytics tools, it allows you to evaluate how well your efforts are doing and determine the return on your investment in those efforts. It includes contact management, ad management,

  4. SendPulse. Though it provides a number of services similar to the others, SendPulse is one of the few that includes push notifications in its repertoire. This allows you to reach out to customers directly to manage their journey through the entire buying process.

By keeping these marketing tools in mind when you're automating your marketing efforts, you can quickly gain significant growth while still going about your business on a daily basis. If you need help figuring out which of these marketing automation tools are the best options for your company or need help configuring them for your needs, the experienced business professionals at AccountRely can help. Please feel free to reach out today to get started.

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