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5 Hot Business Trends for the Upcoming Year

Sure, you could just keep on doing the same thing year after year, but sometimes being a business leader means staying on top of hot trends in business. But what's coming up in the 2020 business year that you need to know about? Here's what the experts say you should look for - and take advantage of - in the upcoming year.

  1. The continuing growth of automation. Digitization is still moving forward, and that means that many business processes are becoming automated. Whether it's your workflow or how you get documents from point A to point B, consider investing in business automation.

  2. More personalized customer service. As more people get online and our world gets a little bit bigger, making a personal connection to your customers is more important now than ever. Automation, AI and analytics can be used to deliver this service without as much cost for labor.

  3. Increased remote and gig work. Currently, about 36% of US workers are freelance, using the gig economy to pay the bills instead of a traditional form of employment. At the same time, connectivity pervasiveness and inexpensive technology mean that more workers are getting their job done away from the office.

  4. Company culture and employee happiness reigns. As Millennials continue to enter the workforce, their commitment to having a great work experience is continuing to change how company culture is managed. Employees are focusing on whether they find fulfillment in their careers as an important part of their life planning process.

  5. 5G data will boost video marketing. Major communications companies are determined to stay on track for the 5G rollout, upgrading their infrastructure to handle massive amounts of video data. This significant increase in download speed means consumers will expect to see more video from companies that they buy from on a regular basis.

The 2020 business year will have its own set of challenges and opportunities, but you can only take advantage of these hot trends in business if you incorporate them into your overall business strategy. If you need help developing a better business plan or setting solid goals for the next year, AccountRely is ready to help. Please feel free to reach out today to get connected to one of our experienced business professionals.

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