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Top Bookkeeping Tips for Small Business Owners

As a small business owner, your time may be spent networking, marketing and operating your company. You may not have a lot of time for bookkeeping tasks in your workday, causing this important task to fall to the wayside. Unfortunately, without the proper approach to bookkeeping, your company could fail to hit growth expectations in the coming years due to the lack of capital for major expenses and upgrades. Here are four tips you can use to integrate bookkeeping into your daily routine.

Establish a Suitable Accounting Method

You must determine if your company would benefit most from a cash or accrual based accounting method. With the accrual method, you record your income and expenses on an ongoing basis even if you did not yet process the payments. The cash method, on the other hand, only requires record updates when the income or expense funds actually change hands. If your business has a large inventory, you will likely benefit from the accrual method. For all other business platforms, the cash method works fine.

Separate Personal and Professional Finances

If your personal and professional finances are tangled together in shared accounts, you may spend unnecessary hours or days trying to separate the information. To make bookkeeping easy, open business accounts and only use them for your company’s operations. Resist the urge to make personal purchases or deposits with your business accounts to keep your books clean and tidy.

Commit to Regular Tracking Sessions

When you sit down on a daily basis to track your finances and update your books, you only need about fifteen minutes to square everything away. With the information fresh in your memory, you just need to input the information and move on with your day. Otherwise, you will need to pour through receipts and other documents while wracking your brain for the information you need for your books.

Hire an Accountant to Help Out

Despite taking a positive approach to bookkeeping, you may still find that you have very little time left in your day for this task. If so, you can easily transfer the work to your dedicated accountant and continue to reap the rewards of having carefully balanced and maintained books. Your accountant will track expenses, watch invoices and record the information you need when tax seasons rolls around.

To acquire professional accounting services today, contact the team at accountRely in St. Louis, Missouri.

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