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How to Add Value-Added to Your Sales Cycle

When your business is strongly focused on sales, value-added sales can help with improving sales figures drastically. There are a number of different techniques that you can use to improve your sales by improving your odds of future sales or improving the total amounts of your current sales. But how do you incorporate value-added sales techniques into your current operation? Here's a quick look at several techniques you can use to add these type of sales techniques to your business for improved profits.

Upsell offers: Do you have items that regularly sell together? If you have a photography shop, as an example, you can offer a tripod, basic filters and cleaning brushes with a new camera sale at a reduced rate. Though you're reducing your rate, you're getting more money from the total sale.

  • Servicing contracts: Are you selling machinery that will require regular service? This is a technique automotive dealers use to ensure they have regular business from you before your next big purchase, by pre-selling your automotive maintenance needs. This can be applied to a wide range of equipment.

  • Resupplying consumables: Do the items you sell go through consumable items, such as K-cups for a coffeemaker, detergent for a dishwasher or paper towels for a restroom dispenser? If they are, you can offer a resupply option, giving them a lower price for their continued business. This lets you buy in bulk, saving on your purchases, while ensuring future earnings.

  • Rewards programs: Who doesn't like getting a kickback for being a regular customer? This is becoming very commonplace, allowing you to reward your customers when they shop a certain number of times, spend a certain amount or refer a number of new customers. It gives them a good reason for coming back when they may not otherwise choose to.

By being aware of the opportunities for implementing value-added sales techniques, improving sales figures can be well within your grasp. But what if you're not quite sure if the techniques you're considering adding to your sales cycle are the right ones for your business' purposes? The experienced business professionals at AccountRely can help, providing you with solid counseling so that you can make smart decisions for your business. Please feel free to reach out today to get started.

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