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A Quick Overview of Common Accounting Packages

When you're running a business, accounting is one of those tasks that must be completed on a regular basis to keep the doors open and the lights on. Modern accounting software has made this task much easier, but which package is the right one for your company?

Here's a quick overview of some common business accounting packages:

QuickBooks Online: As one of the most popular accounting packages available today, QuickBooks works well with a wide range of other software packages. This lets you streamline and automate your company's back-office tasks, at rates between $15 and $60 per month, including mobile access, time tracking and a wide range of information freely available online.

Sage 50C: Another popular accounting package, Sage 50C comes from a long line of SME accounting packages. Unlike QuickBooks, it doesn't have mobile access, multi-currency support or CRM integration, but does have available customer and vendor portals. It's billed annually from $447.78 for a single user to $1,763.58 for three users and can be integrated with Office 365.

Xero: Xero is a newer accounting package which has similar functionality to QuickBooks in many ways, but does not have live support or time tracking. Like many packages, it also does not have customer or vendor portals, but runs between $25 to $60 monthly.

Zoho: Another package with similar features to that of more popular packages, Zoho doesn't have payroll support or document management, but does have customer and vendor portals as well as mobile access. It's designed to integrate with a wide range of other programs from $9 to $29 per month.

Kashoo: If you only need basic functionality but work with international clients, Kashoo is a decent option to look at. It's missing some of the bells and whistles of other packages, such as time and inventory tracking, customer and vendor tracking and document management, but at $16.65 a month, may do just enough.

By having a general grasp of the different accounting packages available for your business, you can make a better choice when it's time to make a change for your company's needs. If you need help setting up accounting for your business or determining the best option from those available, AccountRely is ready to help. Please feel free to contact us today to speak to one of our experienced accounting professionals.

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