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Stay on Top of Your Business Travel With These Hot Apps

Business travel is rough, but the advent of mobile devices and apps can make it go much more smoothly.

Here are a handful of awesome apps that are available in Android and iOS to help you stay on top of your business travel like a boss:

  • Flio does more than the standard airline apps combined with Google Maps, it makes your layover go much more smoothly overall. In addition to mapping, it provides you with flights for your current airport, automatic connection when available to the airport's WiFi service, gives you access to VIP lounges and can even give you coupons or discounts for your airport purchases.

  • Flightview Flight Tracker provides you with real-time information on the location of your aircraft. Is it actually running on time or is the check-in clerk living in a dream world? This app gives you the exact location of your plane, so you know whether it's really just a few minutes out or hasn't left the runway from its last stop. Go with the paid version to avoid data drain from advertising.

  • MileIQ is great if you're using your own car or a rental for business travel. It uses your GPS to track how many miles you've driven, along with the option to classify the mileage for personal or business use with a simple swipe of your finger. It's perfect if you're always forgetting to log your mileage. The free variation allows you to record up to 40 drives a month, while the paid version is unlimited.

  • Evernote is an awesome catch-all app for everything you need to record or take on travel. Unlike expense apps that are limited to only recording receipts, this app allows you to attach documents, create lists, record expenses, keep notes on a wide range of issues and as one of the most popular productivity apps, has a variety of training material available to get more out of the app to master productivity.

By staying on top of your business travel details with these apps, you can leave the stress behind and have your best travel now. But why stop there? AccountRely's business services allow you to focus on running your business while we handle everything else. Please feel free to contact us today to get started.

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