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What's in a Brand? 5 Tips to Help You Build Your Business' Brand

Our world is becoming more and more tightly connected, but in the process, it's becoming easier for your business to become lost in the crowd. One of the best ways to improve your customer loyalty and market share is through brand building. But how exactly do you build your business brand and what are the easiest, most effective ways to do so?

Here are a few tips to help get you started:

Your brand needs to be memorable

This includes a great logo, memorable slogan and a terrific name if you're just starting. Try adding an unusual element or something that makes it stand out, such as a graphic that is a play on words.

Your brand needs to be more than memorable

Yep, you can't just stop with that graphic and slogan. What does your business stand for? What does it support in the community? Today's business needs to do more, which is part of your brand.

Generate value

How exactly does that work? It's going above and beyond good customer service. If you're a mechanic, vacuum the interior when you're done. If you're a restaurant, bring those premium breath mints to the table. It's the little things that matter.


Sure, you could sell your products to every single person in the region, but not only does that make it hard to reach your target market, it also prevents you from hitting your best profitability. Take the time to develop an ideal buyer persona, then market to them.

Provide consistency

Your brand should be about providing the same level of service from year one to year 20. People trust what they know, and if you constantly change, they can't get to know you.

By taking the time to build your business brand, you'll be able to improve customer loyalty and see the benefits of your efforts with improved sales and referrals. But what if you're not quite sure of what the best strategy is for your company? At AccountRely, our focus is helping you make your business succeed, and that goes beyond accounting. Please feel free to reach out today to connect with our business professionals to get your brand building off the ground.

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