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Is It Time to Switch Away From Brick and Mortar? # Signs From the Big Box Stores

If you've been working with a brick and mortar location, you may be wondering what all the fuss is about from big box stores that are switching up their business model or closing locations. The process of digitization and disruption is changing how we do business on a daily basis, and this shift is part of that process. But is it time to give up your physical location entirely? Not necessarily.

Here's a look at how the big stores are doing it and how to change things up for your business.

Allow ordering to store

You can't carry every single product your customers want, but the changes in logistics makes it much easier to have a more diverse stock of products available for drop shipment or similar approach like Wal-Mart. Add more products to your website with a ship-to-store option to get the customer in the door at the same time.

Make your website ecommerce-accessible

Almost every business today has a website, but can you order from it? Make it easier for customers to choose what they want and give you their money to improve sales.

Multiple locations?

Change them up. It used to be that you could expect to see the same products in the same stores no matter where you went. Sam's Club recently decided to change it up by reducing the number of clubs it had and

Offer stress-free shopping

In this category, we have Sam's Club again with their Easy Reorder service. Your customers select what they want and place their order, then simply pick it up later on rather than having to spend time at the store picking out each item.

You don't need to change small business models entirely yet, though. Because our population is going through the digitization process at different rates, the change will be a gradual process rather than a sudden shift. It may be worth looking at some of the ideas from big box stores to add alongside of your existing brick-and-mortar location. Need help figuring out how? The experienced business professionals at AccountRely are ready to help. Please feel free to contact us today to discover the AccountRely difference.

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