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7 Ways to Work Around Low Unemployment Hiring Issues

With the growing economy, is it really surprising that 58% of business owners are trying to hire while 86% have had trouble finding qualified workers? When the country has low unemployment numbers, hiring issues abound. Here are a few ways you can work around issues with finding qualified workers for your company.

  1. Be flexible. Is it absolutely required that your employees only be there from 9-5? Add some flexible scheduling in so that workers feel they have a better work-home mix. If five eight-hour days won't work, what about four ten-hour days or a day or two working remotely?

  2. Automate. This may be a great time to upgrade your software to reduce manual input in your workflows. See what's available for your industry to take advantage of digitization, then upgrade to reduce your labor needs.

  3. Consider internships. Not only do you get workers, you have the best chance to then recruit those interns into a part-time position before they leave college or a full-time position when they do.

  4. Add perks. Though compensation increases are popular, other perks, such as gym memberships, video games in the breakroom or a positive company culture can make a big difference too.

  5. Reward referrals. Do your employees know someone who is looking for work and is qualified? Offer a reward, such as a gift card, pay bonus or similar reward once the new hire reaches certain criteria.

  6. Outsource. Businesses that focus on what they do best are more agile and successful. Consider outsourcing your accounting, IT, marketing, business planning or similar aspects that take you and your employees away from what you do best.

  7. Be remote. No, not you - your employees! If you can't find local employees and the tasks that you need them to undertake can be performed remotely, consider hiring a worker from across the country to get the job done. Remote workers are becoming a larger part of the workforce.

By keeping these strategies in mind, you can improve your chances of getting the work done that you need, despite industry-wide issues with finding labor. If you need help finding the right employees or want to consider outsourcing, why not discover the AccountRely difference today? Reach out and we'll help you find the right solutions for your business.

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